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Terra Mystica Schachtel, Feuerland Spiele Terra Mystica is a strategy game for 2 to 5 players designed by Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller.
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The Publisher

Terra Mystica has been originally published by Feuerland Spiele. Feuerland Spiele Logo


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If you want to aquire the game or the Mini-expansion, please contact you local publisher.


Special landscape tiles

The special landscape tiles are intended to allow the players to further balance the factions. To archive this, all players are invited to share their ideas on how to use the single tiles on Boardgamegeek.
A discussion about the canidates should eventually lead to a voting for the best ideas.

Temple Scoring Tile

Action phase: Get 4 additional Victory points when building a Temple
End of the round: Put 2 Coins from the general supply on your Faction board for every Priest you have placed on one of the 16 spaces of the Cult board.

4 Town Tiles

When taking this Town tile, get 2 Victory points and move 2 spaces forward on each of the 4 Cult tracks.This tile provides 2 Town Keys.

When taking this Town tile, get 4 Victory points. You may move the Marker on your Shipping track forward one space and get a number of Victory points as indicated on the Shipping space you move to.
As a Fakir, from now on,you may skip 1 additional space when doing a Carpet Flight.

When taking this Town tile, get 11 Victory points.

Bonus Card

In Phase I "Income", gain 3 additional Power. Also, when returning this card after passing, get a number of Victory points equal to your shipping value multiplied by 3.